BandWorks offers a variety of Special Event Clinics throughout the year.  Clinics are designed to enhance students’ musical experience and develop specific skills that are difficult to expand on during our regular programs. Short-term in nature, Clinics run for two hours.  Clinics give our teachers an opportunity to delve more deeply into their own areas of expertise with students, and provide an environment that emphasizes more specific topics, skills and goals.

  • All clinics are held at our Oakland studios: 623 3rd Street
  • Cost is $50 per clinic.
  • Students registered in a current Workshop receive a discount code for 50% off.
  • Contact for more information, or you can…


9/23/17 Guitar Basics Matthew Charles Heulitt  (4:30-6:30pm)

10/15/17 Bass Tools Ryan Lukas (1-3pm)
Bass Tools - Ryan Lukas

11/19/17 Vocal Performance Moorea Dickason (1-3pm)
Vocal Performance-MooreaD

12/3/17  Keyboard Essentials Jennifer Jolly (11am-1pm)Keyboard-JenniferJ

1/14/18 Drum Tips Jake Scheps (1-3pm)

2/18/18 Guitar “Live”  Jules Leyhe (1-3pm)

4/15/18 Vocal Recording Moorea Dickason (1-3pm)Vocalrecording-MooreaD

5/27/18 Live Sound Production Nick Bell (1-3pm)SoundProd-NickB