Welcome to BandWorks’ Workshop for kids and teens! Our community of dedicated musicians is excited to continue sharing the power of music with new generations. Our passion is only growing as we find new ways to communicate and connect despite the obvious challenges of the times.

You can register now for our Fall 2020 Workshop.

As we continue to follow the State of CA guidelines for preventing Covid-19 transmission, we are offering several weekly workshop options this Fall. Evening classes for bands and individuals will begin the week of September 7th.

The BandWorks’ Workshop is an 8-week process offering musicians a chance to play in a band and perform live. Musicians can come in with friends, or they don’t have to – we’ll build the entire band from scratch! Every musician gets placed with a band carefully selected to match his or her age, experience level and instrument. Then, for two hours each week, they work with our staff of professional musician-instructors in a fully equipped professional music studio. After honing their sets, the bands take to the stage and perform live at a popular local venue. Some things are a little different right now so please read our Fall 2020 plan carefully. For questions please email us: info@bandworks.com.

BandWorks Fall 2020

OPTION A:    4 @ 1.5-hour virtual (zoom) rehearsals, plus
                       4 @ 2.5-hour *outdoor, distanced, “in-person” rehearsals.
Students pick 5 songs to learn, record and mix online. Bands perform their full set at an outdoor venue on Nov. 1st. That performance will be streamed online and archived to facebook for easy reference and download. Bands can also produce a music video from their best audio recording to share at our online zoom concert November 7th. This is our recommended option, students learn and improve more by participating in both approaches. For dedicated and focused bands or individuals this will be the right experience.

Cost $395

OPTION B:    8 @ 2-hour *outdoor, distanced, “in-person” rehearsals.
Students pick 5 songs to learn and perform full set live at an outdoor venue. That performance will be streamed online and archived to Facebook for easy reference and download. This is a good option for musicians that have an existing band, a dedicated place already lined up for practice and no interest in learning DAW skills, or making music videos. BandWorks can lend some equipment as needed, an instructor comes to your location to lead rehearsals.
Cost $395

*In most cases band members will provide an outdoor practice location (a yard or open garage), and get the practice times approved with neighbors. Several bands have approached us with this concept. We tested it successfully this summer. BandWorks will loan or bring equipment as needed. Strict distancing and mask protocols will be required. We also can hold outdoor rehearsals in our parking lot at Sunnbolt Studios in San Rafael. Let us know if you’d like to practice there and we will work to arrange it.
OPTION C:    8 @ 1.5-hour virtual (zoom) rehearsals.

Students pick 5 songs to learn, record and mix online. Their goal will be to record all 5 songs and produce a music video that we’ll share at our online concert November 7th. This option is great for folks who aren’t ready to step out quite yet and or don’t have a good live practice spot option. Also good for existing groups working on recording projects.
Cost $295

OPTION D:    8 @ 1-hour virtual (zoom) group lessons.
These classes were successful for students in our spring and summer online programs. We were encouraged to continue offering some shorter, specialized, online, skill-development classes this fall.

Guitar Intensive (Adult)  – Monday 6 to 7pm
Drum Intensive (Adult)  – Monday 7:30 to 8:30pm
Guitar Intensive (Youth)  – Tuesday 6 to 7pm
Songwriting (Adult) – Tuesday 7 to 8pm
Digital Audio Workspace (All ages) – Thursday 7 to 8pm
Beatmaking (All ages) – Friday 4 to 5pm
Drum Intensive (Youth) – Saturday 1 to 2pm
Students can be at any level for these classes, our instructors will adjust to each students needs. Instrument intensives focus on technique and skill development. While classes are offered at specific times, be sure to list all your possible availability. We may add classes or change the times based on registration responses. We will need several students to run these classes so consider bringing along a friend!
Cost $195
Questions? Email info@bandworks.com

 The BandWorks Experience

Over the course of 8 weeks, each band builds a set of songs to perform together – in popular music styles like rock, blues, pop, reggae, and funk. Students select the songs for each workshop and BandWorks helps them learn the tunes.  Students can peruse our extensive Song List for ideas, or suggest new ones. Here are just a few of the things you get from each BandWorks’ workshop:

  • Just show up and play – your band is already assembled, your studio reserved, and the gig only 8 weeks away!
  • Work closely with a professional musician-instructor/mentor in an intimate setting with your band
  • Build self-confidence and develop your musicianship
  • Meet like-minded musicians interested in starting a band and playing music
  • Learn to read charts, play with dynamics, improve your soloing, and rehearse more effectively
  • Write an original song with your band
  • Get the real experience of playing in a band!

After eight weeks of rehearsal, it’s time to hit the stage! Each BandWorks’ workshop concludes with a concert performance at a popular local venue featuring all the current BandWorks’ bands. Always a super fun, rocking event, this session-ending concert gives students an opportunity to put together everything they’ve learned—and to show off a little for friends and family. Obviously during the current pandemic the concert can’t be held indoors and no audience will be allowed. However we will stream your performance live and record and archive it for you to share later.

Registration Information

You can register now for our Fall 2020 Workshop. Once you’ve completed the online form, you will receive an automated receipt acknowledging your registration. You will receive email notification of your particular band placement prior to classes starting.

When you register, please indicate as many possible times that your student will be able to meet with a band. Once their band is built, they will only meet once a week at the designated time, but the more options you list increases your chances for placement.

Refunds and Discounts

There are no refunds after the second class. No refunds for missed classes or for missed concerts. You will be fully refunded if we are unable to place you in a band.

Families with two or more members participating in any classes during the same session will receive a $25 discount per each additional family member who signs up.

Bands meet based on the options chosen and availability of members and instructors. Please indicate all possible availability on your registration form to give us the most flexibility in placing you in a band. Make up rehearsals are scheduled at the individual instructor’s discretion.

Current Concert Information

The Youth Concert for the Fall Workshop is scheduled for November 1st.

Class LocationDateTimeVenue
East Bay YouthSunday, 11/1/2020TBD
Marin YouthSunday, 11/1/2020TBDTBD
All AdultsSunday, 11/1/2020TBD

Fees for Workshops

*Includes a $50 non-refundable deposit. Registrations received by the early registration deadline receive a $55 discount.

By Friday, 8/7/2020 After 8/7/2020
$395* $450*