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Ready to take your band to the next level?

At BandWorks Pro we take existing bands who want to get out of the garage and help propel them onto the local scene. We offer professional production help with your original songs as well as a la carte services like CD recording, booking gigs, and creation of a press kit/demo package.

BandWorks Pro bands have played Roosters Road House, the DNA Lounge, Ashkenaz, the East Bay Express Best of the Bay Party at the Oakland Museum, the Chabot Space and Science Center, the Piedmont Jazz and Blues Festival, the Solano Stroll and at other venues, events and festivals.

Audition and/or one full year of playing together required.

Contact us at 510-THE BAND (843-2263) or to find out more about getting your band in BandWorks Pro.

BandWorks Pro Artist Roster:

Acid Reign – (on facebook)

Phoenix Uprising – (on facebook)

Subzero5 – (on tumblr and youtube)

The What

Past BandWorks Pro Bands:

In the Moment

Rikoché – (also on myspace)

Room 19 – (

The Vat – (also on myspace )

Acid Reign – Band Bio

Acid Reign plays original rock! While the core of the group —Austin, Mosh, Josh and Calvin— has been playing together nearly 5 years, they recently added lead vocalist Gillian. They were formed through the East Bay’s BandWorks program and continue to rehearse there. Their sound is most influenced by the big tunes of bands like Def Leppard, ACDC, and Guns and Roses, but you can hear their appreciation for music as different as Wilco and Neil Young throughout their music. Austin, Mosh and Calvin switch off between bass, lead and rhythm guitar which brings variety to their sound. While known for their on-stage energy these teen rockers are anxious to get in the studio and see what they can do with their substantial set of originals. They keep writing and working and hope their best is yet to come. Take a listen!

Phoenix Uprising – Band Bio

Phoenix Uprising is a young rock band from San Rafael that plays mostly classic & modern rock and their own originals. They have been playing together for the last 3 years and most have known each other since kindergarten. Boys are 13-16 yrs old. They are one of the “Pro bands” to come out of a local music program called Bandworks and they’ve worked primarily with Bandworks instructor, Seth Affoumado. They can be seen playing local venues (Hop Monk Tavern, Ghiringhellis Pizzeria, Farmers Market, School events) and they book private parties as well. The band is passionate about creating great original music and plans to complete and record soon.

Subzero5 – Band Bio

Subzero5 is Carmen Perez on bass, Taylor Moses on guitar, Sierra Steinwert on drums and Ella Garcia on vocals/keyboard. The Oakland-based girls have been playing together as a band for two years. After playing on their own for a year, they came to BandWorks to work with Jules Leyhe to tighten up their sets. (Jules rocks!)

Subzero5 plays light rock music, focusing on originals, but also enjoy music that’s on the punk side. In addition to Ashkenaz concerts, they have played at the Inaugural International Cat Video Festival in Oakland, the Temescal Street Fair, and Brushstrokes “Bring in the Spring!” party in Berkeley.

The What – Band Bio

The What is a local pop rock band from the Berkeley/Oakland area that plays mostly original music. This all-girl 5 piece features the composing and lead vocals of  keyboardist Chelsea Gilliland and bassist Natalie Wright. Drummer Rachael Cohen sings backgrounds as does multi-instrumentalist Maya Zimmerman. Lead guitarist Nicole Hebert rounds out the roster. These girls had played sports together for years before forming the band in 2009. They have played festivals and street fairs as well as a other local venues. Their sound features tight rhythms and structures overlaid with compelling vocals. They are looking forward to getting into the studio and recording some of their nearly 20 original tunes.

In the Moment – Band Bio

Anyone who has seen In the Moment in action knows these teens can rock.  The band first came together in September 2010 through BandWorks, with original members Owen Storey (bass & voice), Eli Marx-Kahn (guitar), Brian Hingerty (guitar), and Brennan Jung (drums), and quickly began churning out classic rock song covers.  With a repertoire spanning Jimi Hendrix, Rage Against the Machine, Green Day, the Beatles, AC/DC, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Eric Clapton, The Who, and more, In the Moment’s energy and antics liven up the stage each time they perform.  Less than two years later, the band already plays gigs all over the Bay Area, including at the Oakland Art & Soul Festival and the Solano Stroll in addition to BandWorks concerts.  Nowadays In the Moment is rocking some original tunes along with some classic rock tunes, and continues to develop their own original sound.  In early 2012, Jack Clucas replaced Brennan Jung on drums, and will be rocking out with them at the upcoming BandWorks Student Concert on November 4th, 2012.  Stay tuned for more gigs, news, and recordings! These up-and-comers have only just gotten started.  Check out some video footage of In the Moment at: In the Moment – Mosswood Park

Rikoché – Band Bio

RickocheRikoché is an up and coming teen band out of the East Bay, members hail from Berkeley, Orinda, Piedmont and Oakland. The band was conceived and continues to rehearse with the East Bay BandWorks program. In fact they have become one of BandWorks top representative groups and the latest stars of the program. Despite only playing together for a few years, their talent and taste have helped them put a new and flavorful spin on classic rock. Their original sound and exciting stage presence has helped them develop a devoted following and led to more offers to play live. Rikoché has already played at a handful of Bay Area venues and events including the Solano Stroll, the East Bay Express’ Best of the Bay Party, San Ramon’s Art and Wind Festival, Chabot Space and Science Center, Larkspur Landing, Rooster’s Roadhouse in Alameda, San Francisco’s DNA Lounge and most recently at the Bohemian Grove in Monte Rio California. Rikoché recorded their first EP of five original songs the past summer. Rikoché consists of Sam North (guitar), Miles Essert (guitar), Matthew Barber (vocals), Max Hirtz-Wolf (bass), and Leo Grossman (drums).

Listen to: “Born Ready to Die” – Rikoche

Listen to: “Wanderer” – Rikoche

Listen to: “Rise Up” – Rikoche

Room 19 – Band Bio

Room 19 is a classic rock band, in the tradition of Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and The Beatles with a decidedly blues influence. Comprised of Ben Yasemsky (lead guitar and vocals), Adam Lang (guitar and vocals), Graeme Greenwood (bass guitar), and Ben Zell (drums), the band has evolved impressively over the three years they have been playing together into an increasingly sophisticated group with a unique sound of their own. Original music, conceived through the collaborative process of music-making, is at the heart of their performances. Principal songwriter, Ben Yasemsky, states “I try to write songs that express a kind of story or emotion. Not too complicated, yet pleasant and catchy to the ear. My influences come strongly from the blues but, at the same time, I try to incorporate the best of other styles too.” Besides performing regularly as part of the Bandworks showcases at Ashkenaz in Berkeley, Room 19 is now performing at various other local venues. Upcoming shows include two dates at the new El Cerrito High School theatre and an exciting Battle of the Bands being held this year at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco. To listen to their professionally recorded original music and find out more information about Room 19’s upcoming performances, check out the band’s website at

Listen to: “Sailin’ On” and “I Knew” – Room 19
Room 19 – Official Site

The Vat – Band Bio

The Vat is an advanced teen band with diverse roots. They have been performing together with Bandworks since they were 9 and 10, and are just getting ready to enter the local music scene. The Vat has been an a group for around 4 years, covering various rock tunes with Bandworks with the occasional outside gig. After a few lineup changes, they’ve settled with a 6-person group. Members are from Berkeley, Albany, Point Richmond, Walnut Creek, and Pacifica (guitarist Isabel and instructor Deirdre make the long drive every weekend).”We were just doing covers for a long time, and we didn’t take it to the next level until somewhat recently,” says guitarist Maria Siino.
Maria says that she pushed for the band to write original material, and “it’s really working out great.” The Vat has a wide variety of influences from Progressive, Psychedelic, Hard Rock, Punk, Grunge, and Funk music.“We each have different tastes, but we can usually find some common ground in Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, and others. Our funk influence mainly comes from Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jeff Beck,” says Maria. Now in their teens (13-15) and writing their own material, they’re getting ready to record a demo. Check out their youtube page for some live videos and visit their Myspace page for some live recordings and updates on shows.

Check them out on their The Vat Myspace Page

Listen to Original Songs by The Vat on Youtube