BandWorks offers a variety of Special Event Clinics throughout the year.  Clinics are designed to enhance students’ musical experience and develop specific skills that are difficult to expand on during our regular programs. Short-term in nature, Clinics may run one time for just a few hours or meet several times in a series.  Taught primarily by current BandWorks teachers, Clinics give our teachers an opportunity to delve more deeply into their own areas of expertise with students, and provide an environment that emphasizes more specific topics, skills and goals.

Current Clinic:

For most drummers, tuning their drums is one of the least understood aspects of playing their instrument. Many skip it altogether, while others tinker aimlessly, trying in vain to get their drums to sound good. No matter how expensive your drums are, they won’t sound good unless they’re in tune. While it does take practice, any drummer can learn the basic concepts of tuning, and with a few tips and tricks, get their drums resonating properly in a short time – and learn to keep them in tune.

In this clinic, co-sponsored by the East Bay Drum School, Jeremy will review the fundamental concepts of drum tuning, including the nuances of tuning the snare, toms, and kick drum. Students will explore the differences in drum heads and how they affect the sound of your drums, learn how to properly seat a head, cut a hole in the bass drum head, and also check out a number of tuning devices created to make tuning your drums easier. Drop-Ins welcome, but space is limited, so sign up early to reserve your spot!

Location: BandWorks Office, 2034 Blake St., #9, Berkeley
Date: Saturday, April 26, 1-3 pm
Fee: $50 in Advance, $60 Drop-In – No Equipment Needed
Eligibility: Ages 13+, No experience required, but recommended
To Sign up: Send an email to:

Examples of past Clinics:

  • Rock Your Keys with Jennifer Jolly
  • Percussion for Everyone! Adding Pecussive Color to the Mix with Brian Rice
  • Dynamic Vocal Clinic with Bryan Dyer
  • Drumming Master Class: Famous Grooves Series with Jeremy Steinkoler
  • Basics of Soloing for All Melodic Instruments with Matthew Heulitt
  • Live Performance Clinic for Singers with Kelleth Chin
  • Led Zeppelin Drumming Techniques with Andrew Griffin