Summer All-Stars

In summer 2022 BandWorks began offering an audition-based summer camp option for advanced teen musicians looking for a more challenging and demanding band camp experience. Our first All-Star Band was a big hit and the next one was even better, we are excited about year 3. Don’t worry if you are in another band during the workshop season, this is a summer camp designed for our students to meet new people and try different tunes, not a competition with your regular band. Students will be expected to practice ahead of time and during the session to master their parts and memorize arrangements, with the goal of achieving an exceptional level of tightness and fluency with the songs. Extra attention will be given to making the songs performance-ready at a special showcase at the end of the session.

We will be offering this 2-week camp weekdays from 4-6 pm from July 8th to 19tht, 2024. Acceptance and placement into an All-Star Band will be based on many factors, including but not limited to: information on your application, your musical experience and history, your instrument, your genre preferences and your age. Even if you are already in a band this is a special opportunity to meet and play with other top musicians your age. Get your bandmates to audition too!

Cost is $650. If chosen you will be sent a registration link.

Songs will be chosen by the instructor ahead of time, and charts will be distributed in advance so the band can hit the ground running at the first rehearsal. Spaces are limited, and auditioning does not guarantee placement.


You’ll be asked to attach a short audition video to your application.